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cbd lead generation

CBD Marketing

CBD Lead generation is a type of marketing that focuses on gathering information from prospects that will be used in future marketing efforts.

Marketing to grow your subscriber list could be considered lead generation.

Lead generation can be done via website popups or forums, email marketing, or Facebook and Google lead generation ads. Just to name a few.

Things to know…

The only job of lead generation marketing is to produce leads.

Don’t try to pre-sell your product or archive multiple objectives.

Focus 100% on getting the right people to respond to your offering.

Have your offering at every opportunity. Be it a popup, email or website footer.

Who is your prospect for CBD Lead Generation

1. A reason for interest

Create the strongest possible link between the prospect and your offering.

If you sell low-cost CBD products then prospects focused on price might be all you need.

If you sell luxury CBD products then that changes the demographic. You may want to target older, higher incomes who live in certain zip codes.

2. Financial ability to say yes

If you are selling swimming pools then don’t target people who live in apartments.

3. Authority to Buy

Get your offering in front of the decision-maker.

Pro Tip: Create a profile of your best prospect.

Give Quality Information

The more you give the more you get.

If you don’t offer quality information they’ll assume you do not have any to give.

Ad Creation

Have a headline that promises a great benefit.

Keep it very simple. Focus on a straightforward offer.

Write your message to exclude most and attract few.

Keep the offering relevant to your targeted audience.

Do not over-educate. Tell people what to do but not how to do it.

Have a strong call to action. Tell them what to do, when, why, and what will happen once they do.

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