CBD Edibles: How To Advertise Online

CBD Edibles: How To Advertise Online

Creating and promoting a brand is just as important as the brand itself, the growing multi-billion dollar cannabis market faces stiff regulations from the media and government agencies. While the numerous misconceptions about cannabis might not have helped matters, producers of CBD edibles continue to seek alternative means to promote their various CBD commodities.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the over 100 compounds associated with cannabis plants and arguably the most sought-after plant in the cannabis family. It is also classified as “the good cannabinoid” for its ability to provide cure from a wide range of symptoms and illnesses like inflammation, epilepsy, anxiety, arthritis, etc. and distinct from its THC ‘family’, CBD compounds do not intoxicate.

Effective means for advertising your CBD edibles

The internet can be termed as the biggest global platform in the world, and effective use of the internet would prove a very suitable alternative means to CBD advertising amidst.

Use of SEO and content marketing

Search engine optimization is a way to market your CBD brand through carefully planned campaigns like passing relevant and credible information (articles, writings) about CBD. Often times, your potential customers will have questions to ask about CBD products. I will need information on why they need CBD. Creating content on the internet that answers questions relating to CBD will endear you to such consumers. A digital marketing consultant can also advise and help you with effective Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media influencers and Affiliate Marketing

While popular social media outlets continue to frown on paid CBD marketing, this is a time to shift your attention to social media users with a high number of engagements and followers known as influencers. Influencers can reach greater audiences due to their ‘celebrity’ status on these social media platforms, they are sometimes good digital marketing consultants, and they provide good ROI.

Affiliate marketing and Quasi-influencers

This is similar to social media influencing but operates in a broader form. Here, you generate traffic to your website through third party sites; promote your CBD website through other third-parties like publishers, bloggers, influencers, etc. In affiliate marketing, customer conversion and retention ratio value is higher. Plus it is a low-risk investment since this method is based on performance and returns.

Taking advantage of Blogs and podcasts

Publishing relevant articles on blogs are an effective and cost-free method of advertising your CBD brands online. A lot of people read blogs daily just like other social media sites. Trust blogs as good sources of information. You can choose to advertise your CBD via a blog or start. A blog that speaks on the medical benefits of CBD edibles. Thus creating an online follower base.

Email Marketing is still a big thing

Not many people will agree. But it is noteworthy to observe that next to Instagram, Facebook, and co. The electronic inbox is the next place people visit the most. Email marketing done strategically is the easiest and cheapest method of taking your CBD product online; helped by the fact that over half a billion people check their emails every day. E-mail also provides an effective means to interact with customers.

Finally, to effectively navigate the online restrictions and market your CBD products online, the services of a digital marketing consultant will prove very invaluable to your business.

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