CBD Customers Determine Dosage Without Professional Help

Most CBD Customers Determine Dosage Without Professional Help


A recent survey of over 1000 CBD customers found that 71% determine their dosage without any professional help.

The survey also found several insightful data points related to CBD usage.

Key Findings

  • 26% don’t check for concentration when looking for CBD products
  • 22% don’t look at the portion before taking CBD
  • 29% of CBD customers talked with an expert to decide their dose
  • 48% will take a similar dosage each time they take CBD

Why Do They Take CBD?

  • 18% use CBD for rest and sleep
  • 12.5% use CBD for depression
  • 31% use CBD every day
  • 31% use CBD for pain
  • 26.5% use CBD for nervousness/stress

How Do They Take CBD?

The survey found that 35% of respondents were inclined toward CBD edibles. A little more than 25% report that they lean toward oils and tinctures. Trailed by topicals coming in at 14%, and capsules at 12%. Only 10% of clients said they vaped their CBD.

CBD Dosage

The study found the average CBD dose was all over the place.

  • 13% less than 5 mg
  • 26% 5-10 mg
  • 17% 10-20 mg
  • 11% 20-40 mg
  • 4% 40-70 mg
  • 3% 70-100 mg
  • 4% more than 100 mg each time
  • 22% said they didn’t know the amount they take


57% of respondents said they were happy with their current dosage. 17% said they were not.

This data shows that professional advice and expert information should help CBD customers make a better purchasing decision. Offering expert testimonials and detailed information about your products should deliver a higher return on investment when compared to non-CBD products.

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