Qorum App

Are you a celebration animal who wants to celebration every night? Or you’re a workaholic who works relentlessly all week round and treats yourself to some fun at completion of the week? Every day or as soon as in a blue moon, all of us like to celebration. Be it your savings account or Facebook profile, you understand you cannot picture your life without your smart-phone. Well, now it’s time to party.

You have had a hectic week and did not get the time to prepare the perfect night out that you promised to your partner? No need to worry. An app that makes sure you get the very best from your night, Qorum has a lot to provide that the next time you consider planning a night out. All you need is a click on your mobile screen.

From picking which bar to go to– to- returning home secure, this nightlife app strives to revamp every minute of your nightlife experience. With all that it needs to offer, Qorum is the only night life app you need in your life.

This bar app that has been designed for both IOS and Android offers the wide variety of functions such as:

Finding the ideal spot

Be it Los Angeles, San Diego, New York or Philadelphia, this app enables you to decide the finest bars and restaurants in town. The expert evaluates informing you exactly what to anticipate and what not, which places to go to and which ones to avoid. And think what? You don’t need to stand in the queue outside to obtain into the bar or restaurant. With its collaboration with the very best bars, this app looks after your bar scene prior to you step out of your house and lets you explore brand-new locations with self-confidence

Insider discount rates

Who does not like to celebration, however it’s the cost that ruins the experience. Nonetheless, with Qorum; you do not have to pay the complete rate for drinks EVER again. The big insider discounts are there for you to feast on as much as you desire.

Mobile Payments

Some people can barely manage their wallets in regular routine, let alone after some drinks. Given that the app guarantees a remarkable experience, it makes certain you don’t need to fret about even a minute. The feature with a mobile payment allows you to make all your payments instantly as you step out of the place.

Free trips

No matter how safe the city; all of us require some security after the darkest hours. This app makes certain that you reach back home safe and sound after a great night alone or with your good friends. A partnership with Uber makes your night problem-free and safe whenever you opt for a night out. And it does not stop here! Taking the “free-riding” to a whole brand-new and literal level, you can earn complimentary flights too.

This app is easy to use and will be your guide, your supervisor and your chauffeur for your best night with your friends, family or that special someone.

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