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What Your 6,000+ CBD Business List Contains...

6,000 decision maker names.

6,000 decision maker email addresses.

3,000 business phone numbers.

1,200 physical business addresses.

Plus over 8,000 business email addresses.

What could you do with your list?

( check all laws and platform rules in your area )


Send ongoing email campaigns.

Direct Mail

Send a physical piece of mail.

Customer Lists

Upload this list to Facebook/Instagram and Google and target just this list with your ads.


Target millions of potential customers on Facebook/Instagram and Google that have the same demographics as your list.

And much, much more...

Customer acquisition can get very tedious and costly.

List purchasing is cost effective and gives you time to focus on what matters — sales.


Guaranteed 95%+ accurate information on companies that are still in business.


You'll receive a spreadsheet and have complete ownership.


Get instant access. You'll receive your spreadsheet the moment payment is made.


Each listing is less than $0.25 each.

There's no waiting.

You get instant access to your list.

And you can start selling to them right now.

Jesse Grillo //  Owner

A common marketing term is "the money is in the list". And it's true!

This is the most sought after information for anyone selling to CBD businesses.

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