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What Drives Engagement on Social Media?

Social media marketing is largely a strategy for raising awareness. While engagement through likes, comments and comparable actions has increased throughout the year, the growth in amplification has actually outpaced all other actions on the social web. Throughout the duration between Q1 and Q3 2015, there was a HALF boost in total actions in the […]

Why Twitter and facebook Can’t Simply Eliminate ISIS Online

GIVEN THAT ISIS and other terrorist companies have actually proven skilled at using social networks to disseminate propaganda and incite worry, it seems obvious that platforms like Twitter and facebook would aggressively and mercilessly delete such material and ban those who post it. It may appear equally evident that those business would move rapidly to […]

Your marketing and sales efforts must be data driven

Marketing and sales are the genesis of organizational development and success and while worthy and needed, as disciplines, they are not without their critics. Business leaders regret the volumes of cash spent by online marketers on brand awareness, ad campaign and all other forms of creative interaction services. To the inexperienced eye, advertising choices are […]

5 budget-friendly marketing ideas for SME

Marketing is expensive but so is an unsuccessful company plan. Stretch your marketing spending plan even more with these basic methods, guaranteed to assist your affordable small business prosper. 1. Buy the Right Social network Having discussions and engaging with customers and prospective consumers is essential on social networks – all of us understand this. […]

10 Ways to Make Your Material Marketing Go Viral

How do you send content viral? Viral material is any piece of media that becomes wildly popular over night. It could be a Youtube video, Facebook post, tweet, or practically any social networks content that gets shared thousands and thousands of times. Viral content starts to work for you on autopilot, as your brand gets […]

Is your marketing targeted at creating routines?

“40 to 45 per-cent of exactly what we do everyday are not behaviours. They are in fact just routines playing out,” says habit professional Charles Duhigg. No marvel then, that producing a practice is such a treasured and tough goal for each online marketer. Consider this: Nike would like to make self-control a habit Basic […]

The Five Marketing Trends CMOs Can No Longer Ignore In 2016

These “hot trends” are no longer simple expectations– they’re here now, some professionals compete, and will just strengthen as practice in 2016. What are the hottest marketing trends right now, the ones that will only get hotter in 2016? Jim Lecinski, VP Americas Client Solutions at Google, curated a list of the five top trends […]

Social Media Fame Is a 7-Step Process

There is no arguing that social media has entirely altered the method that we run in today’s world. Everything from reaching clients, to dating, staying connected with household and reading the news has all been affected by this new form of social interaction. With hundreds of millions of people making use of social networks every […]

French Flags on Facebook: Does Social Media Support Truly Matter?

In the aftermath of the collaborated terrorist attacks across Paris last Friday (Nov. 13), assistance appeared in the new public arena: Facebook. The social network rolled out a tool allowing users to quickly put a French flag overlay on members’ profile images to reveal sympathy with the victims. Virtually right away, though, the device stimulated […]