5 Digital Marketing Trends Brands And Marketers Ought to Prepare For In 2016

Jesse Grillo
Creator of Jessegrillo.com, a digital marketing trade desk focusing on programmatic media buying.

Few markets move and change as rapidly as digital advertising and marketing. Comprehending what’s coming around the corner can assist digital firms (and the brands that use them) stay ahead of the competitors. I do my finest to keep my digital agency, FiveFifty, on the cutting edge of advertising technology because of that. Remaining current on industry patterns is just among the methods we differentiate ourselves from other agencies with comparable services.

In my professional estimation, these are the modifications to look for in 2016.

Cross-Device Will End up being A Truth

In 2016, I believe the bulk of customers will be individually determined on all their affiliated devices. Tracking customers across their many devices (mobile, tablet, and desktop/laptop) is a requirement for digital marketers. It has actually historically been hard to determine the exact same user on various platforms, however that obstacle is being gotten rid of in 2 ways.

Marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google can currently track consumers who log in on each device. In addition, you’re most likely acquainted with sites or apps that let you log in with your Facebook or Google account; this gives those platforms even better visibility into what sort of devices you use. In 2016, more websites are most likely to try implementing cross-device login capability to get similar visibility on their users and improve ad targeting.

Second, probabilistic cross-device tracking is improving in its ability to guess when users move to another device and link those devices together. The modeling making these assumptions accurate is complicated, however it’s ending up being significantly more efficient.

More Native Advertisement Formats Will Emerge

Native marketing is basically marketing that looks organic to the site it’s on– that is, it doesn’t look like advertising. For example, consider Instagram ads, which appear in users’ feeds similar to normal posts. The only distinction is the “Sponsored” tag in the upper right corner.

Native advertisement formats will broaden throughout the web in 2016 as more websites include native marketing and more online marketers promote the choice to target consumers with native ads anywhere they go online.

For your own marketing, consider that as native advertising ends up being more popular, your innovative and media will require to become more lined up. After all, an Instagram ad just deals with Instagram. Marketing innovative on other networks will progressively need a high level of modification.

Few industries move and alter as rapidly as digital marketing and marketing. Tracking customers throughout their numerous gadgets (mobile, tablet, and desktop/laptop) is a need for digital online marketers. Marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google can currently track consumers who log in on each device. For your own marketing, consider that as native marketing ends up being more popular, your imaginative and media will require to end up being more lined up.

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