What is chunky knit?


Chunky knit is done with hunky yarn to create warm clothing and other items that suit a heavy weight and large stitching. The yarn is also sold as bulky weight yarn and super-chunky is even thicker than chunky weight yarn and is the thickest and heaviest weight of yarn available. Chunky Yarn is mostly used for sweaters ( called chunky knit sweaters ) as the material allows the person wearing it to stay warm within this comfortable material.

The most popular chunky yarn is made from lamb’s wool and is collected through sheep sheering. Some wool chunky and super-chunky yarns are blended with acrylics. Cotton chunky yarn is a natural alternative to acrylic chunky and super-chunky yarns. Wool is low static, resistant to wrinkles, and quite dirt repellent. There are a lot of misconceptions about how to care for wool but it’s a very fashionable material.

Purple Scotland Sweater

While chunky yarns are used to knit or crochet sweaters, super-chunky varieties aren’t usually used for clothing other than shawls because the stitches are very large. Super-chunky yarns may be used to make throw pillow covers or small rugs for the home. Chunky yarns are popular for knitting and crocheting pieces of clothing such as sweaters, vests, shawls, hats and scarves. Chunky weight yarn is also ideal for making blankets, chunky knit Beanies and socks as well as purses and bags. Leftover lengths of chunky yarn can be tied together and knitted or crocheted into placemats, dog sweaters and many other items.