Jesse Grillo Marketing is looking for salespeople to earn high commissions from selling marketing and SEO services.

It’s a simple set up –

You’ll receive $250 the moment your referral signs up.

You’ll receive 20% of their paid services ongoing. This is passive income that will be auto-paid to you weekly.

Our average client pays $1,200 a week for our services.

You’ll receive your own landing page and link to promote. You have the freedom to market the services however you like excluding spamming.

You’ll be notified whenever someone sends an inquiry from your page.

The second your referral converts you’ll be sent your $250 signup commission.

Then every 7 days you’ll receive your 20% auto-payment. Your auto-payments will continue for as long as they remain a client.

Some things to note –

We offer our clients all forums of marketing services. From SEO to paid ads. All of our work is backed by guarantees.

We generally take on only higher end clients. Our smallest marketing package starts at $500 a week.

We keep our sales team small. We want quality, not quantity.

We only want salespeople who want to make a substantial income from selling our services.

Here’s an example of the kind of money you’ll be making –

Let’s say we convert 5 of your referrals into customers and they’re paying the weekly average of $1,200.

$250 x 5 = $1,250 in signup commissions.

20% = $1,200 auto-paid to you every 7 days.

We use Paypal for payments.

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